Hi, I'm Anastasia Klimovitz. Owner and creator of Aster Avenue. 

I've been a videographer and photographer since my parents put a camera in my hands at age 11. My father is a professional videographer, while my mother spent many years in front of the camera. He and my mother helped me truly see that you can turn your passion into your career. This is something I have lived by my entire life--I fell in love with being creative, and wanted to cultivate abundance through that. 

My strongest ability is story-telling. Whether it's an interesting human's life, the love story found within a wedding, or even through the eyes of the model in front of my lens. 

I also am in love with the idea of Creating the Reality you desire. I want aspiring people and creators alike to have a resource to help them elevate their lives, their businesses and their creativity. It's a resource to help everyone live the life of their wildest dreams if they put in the work. 

Thank you for being here. I appreciate you, and your business. I hope you stick around a while.