My most recent and longest project yet is one that truly makes my heart ache. It is a WDIV five-part docuseries on the Oakland County Child Killings during the 1970s. We pick apart of the stories of the main four children who were abducted, sexually abused and then murdered.

I was the Associate Producer, Videographer and Editor on this gut-wrenching cold case.

NBC Left Field reached out to me in 2018 to film a subject who lives right here in Detroit.

“Rita Ramirez is not your typical mariachi. When she's not on stage with Detroit's first female-led mariachi band, she spends her time bringing internet to her neighbors, one home at a time. Through the Equitable Internet Initiative, Rita works to connect the estimated 40 percent of Detroiters who still lack an internet connection in their homes. This episode of Tag was co-produced by Erik Paul Howard and Anastasia Klimovitz, two Detroit photojournalists who helped bring Rita's story to life.”

Great Lakes Burn Camp helps young burn victims no longer feel alone in their pain. It’s a second family for many—two camp-goers found each other there, and created a bond unlike any other.

Dana Arnold lived a normal, loving life growing up. Her mother raised her into a strong, independent female. But when Dana’s mother was taken away from her through the most traumatic circumstances, she was forced to be a level of independent she had never imagined. This is Dana’s story.

A Vietnam War Veteran, exposed to Agent Orange during his time abroad led him to heart failure in his 40’s. This is Hank’s journey to healing his heart.

Learning how to swim is a life or death issue, and that’s exactly how these two Gold Medalist Olympic Swimmers treat it. They are determined to help the young children in the Detroit/Greater Detroit area learn how to swim.